Apartment with Terrace:

Located in the heart of Madrid:

Internet Connection:

Air Conditioning:

"Least impressive of three travel companies used"

First of all, the good: fantastic location and cute apartment!
Now for the rest…the company, its policies and its representatives. We used a different vacation rental company in Barcelona, San Sebastian, and Madrid. While Homes for Travellers was the least expensive, unfortunately, it was also the least worried about quality customer service. First, the guy was about 15 minutes late…not a big deal, even though the people at the other companies in Spain (and the one in Paris) were all right on time. The other companies were much more understanding of the schedule constraints of travelers, and therefore much more flexible with check-out times. In both San Sebastian (Friendly Rentals) and Barcelona (forget the name of the company right now) the representatives checked us out the night before our morning departure, happily and free of charge. Not the case in Madrid. This guy wanted 50 euro for a departure before 9:00am. Seriously? This to me is a classic example of hidden fees/you get what you pay for.
The bed was so uncomfortable that we slept on the pull-out couch after the first night.
The terraza is awesome…unfortunately, the smell of compost from a neighboring terraza is clearly perceptible and not at all pleasant.

By LR from San Francisco on 8/31/2011 for a stay in 7/1/2011