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The apartment was quiet, well-equiped, and modern. The patio was a very pleasant spot to sit or look down to the back city streets to see the non-touristy parts of the central city, yet a couple minutes walk to the center of the city.

By Charles B. from Washington, DC on 5/6/2011 for a stay…

Friendly and prompt service.
Well sized apartment with decent kitchen and living spaces. Clean and well maintained. Quiet inside with no noise from neighbours.

Central location. Close to sights, bars, restaurants and markets.

By Andy from Sydney on 5/18/2011 for a stay in…

The apartment was very comfortable and neatly furnished. Great bathrooms! Nice kitchen. Great terrace. The location is centrally located and off busy streets.

By KH from USA on 8/18/2011 for a stay in 8/1/2011

La casa está fenomenal. Fuimos para un fin de semana, y casi nos dió pena no pasar más tiempo en la casa, porque el pedazo de sofá y la tele de 50 pulgadas animan a estar tirados horas y horas. Por lo demás, está a 1 minuto de la Gran Vía que es lo…

A good house for a great weekend. We really enjoyed It!


Outstanding for a romantic weekend! comfortable and great design. Good location. We have decided that It will be our house in madrid for further ocasions

By marsellelovers from france on 2/24/2010 for a stay in 7/1/2009

Está muy limpio, cómodo y bonito. Lo mejor es la situación en pleno centro y el calorcito que hacía mientras en la calle la temperatura era de dos grados bajo cero!!! Muy recomendable y muy ajustado al precio.

Jose Garcia, Feb 2011

My husband and I wanted to spend a romantic weekend in Madrid, and we really loved it. The apartment was very clean, has a great atmosphere, the floor plan is enough for the two of us, and is very well located. We enjoyed going to the theater and the best restaurants in town. We´ll repeat the…

This apartment its well located, down town Madrid, either you go there for a cultural trip or only for going out at night, you will find all the pleces to go are near by.

I stayed there for 5 days and we really enjoyed it, its clean, new and the furtinure its great. It felt like being…

The apartment is in a great location, just around the corner from the theatre district and the Gran via. There is a market just across the street. The furniture is generally comfortable, except for the couch. A few posters or some sort of art work on the bare walls would help cheer things up a bit.…