Newest Reviews

Since last year, only a few months ago, we have been requiring to our clients to review their stay in our Madrid Apartment. We collect them through Flipkey, which is a Tripadvisor partner, to ensure the imparciality of the reviews.

If you want to see the last apartments reviews, you can go directly to Tripadvisor page to see them online. Or, if you prefer to see them ordering by Apartment Type or by Number of Reviews you can click on the following links:

HomesForTravellers Reviews in Tripadvisor



HomesForTravellers Reviews in Flipkey


Oldest Reviews

Here you have some of the oldest testimonials from our clients.

We have been renting apartments in Madrid since 2004, and at that time, we did not require the Customer Satisfaction Review to our clients. However, many of them sent to us their testimonials about their stay in our Madrid apartments for rent even when we did not asked for it!

If you have been in our apartments in the past and want to leave a review about your stay, please, feel free to contact us and we will send you the form so you can fill it and send it back to us.

Your opinion is very important to us!