Living Madrid: Renting your apartment at Gran Via

Madrid areas Gran Via

Madrid areas Gran Via

When you, our customer , you ask us about the area of Madrid where the apartments are located , we try to explain you what you are going to find it there.


We do it briefly because it is difficult to summarize in a few words , by email or phone , all the nuances of the area. You have to live it … and feel it.

We understand that it is essential to know what ‘s around the apartment you have chosen for your stay in Madrid. In fact, many of you have firstly decided the area, and you choose the apartment where you will stay later .

Well, surfing through the Internet , I found an interesting article about Barco Street , a central street where are located a number of our serviced apartments which are one of the most requested by you.

The article, written in Spanish , details everything which is in this centrical street . Although I would have tried to write it , I could not have written it so well .
So you have here the interesting link for all those of you who are interested in booking the following apartments :

- Apartment Gran Via 1
- Apartment Gran Via 2
- Apartment Gran Via 3
- Apartment Gran Via 4
- Gran Via- Chueca 1

so you will may know exactly everything that you will find when you leave home.

Of course it is not only this. It is much more , because nearby is the famous Gran Via , and a few minutes and also is the Puerta del Sol, Chueca and Malasaña … and the entire center of Madrid that you can visit on foot.

And besides, the apartments on this very special area in Madrid, are among those with a more competitive price for both short term as for long term rental periods. And those apartments are fully equipped with everything you need to live comfortably : Internet access, microwave, air conditioning, stereo, DVD player , individual heating for you adapt to your liking!

In short, it’s easy to understand why those apartments are those which has been hightly required and reserved by our customers!

So if you are planning to come to Madrid and you like this area … and the prices of these apartments , do not expect to last. Book now your apartment in Madrid and you will enjoy the advantages of living in one of the most charming areas of the Madrid city center !

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