Tips to find the perfect apartment in Madrid (2)

Hotel or Apartment? When appropriate to stay in an apartment in Madrid
Staying in an apartment in Madrid
In our previous article we explain the advantages of staying in a hotel in Madrid taking into account, particularly the length of our stay. We talked about that when our stay is less than three days, often not worth seeking an apartment, but it is more practical staying in a hotel where we can rest from the few hours we are free after a long day of work or sightseeing.
Apartment in Madrid for rent
But if our stay is going to be longer than 3 nights and we prefer to have more space, privacy and amenities, and we chose staying at a vacation rental apartment the matter is sometimes more complicated : Where to look for temporary rental apartments? What kind of apartment I need? Which area of ​​Madrid?
This may seem easy if we know the city we visit, but it is not so in the event that it is the first time we are going to visit the place. We do not know nothing about the area, nor neither we know anything about how to move around, how long it takes or on the go, or how are the apartments that rent for days, weeks or months.
It is therefore essential that we have clear some aspects:
1. – The area where we want to position ourselves.
madrid areas: austrias
This is basic, because it will condition our perception of the city. In our guide of Madrid will find extensive information on the different areas of central Madrid.
2. – The type of apartment we need.
Madrid Palacio Opera apartment
Depending on whether we anticipate that we will stay much time at home or not, or whether we will only use the apartment to sleep, we can choose a type of apartment or another. Of course the type of apartment depends on the number of people who will stay. If we are a group of friends, or a family who want to be together we can choose a large apartment building, or several apartments in the same building or area.
3. – Our budget. 
madrid budget apartment
In general, smaller apartments are cheaper. If we are only one person or a couple can be very comfortable to stay in a studio apartment that usually has the same amenities as the one-bedroom apartments, with the only difference that the bedroom is not independent.
Now: How to Succeed in our choice?. All keys in our next article. Do not miss it!
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