Tips to find the perfect lodging in Madrid

1.- Hotel or Apartment in Madrid?: When is better to stay in an Hotel?

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When we left home, either for work or for vacations, we have the dilemma of choosing a place where to stay.
If only we will be out one or two nights and we do not want to complicate, almost always the most practical is to find a hotel. 
The hotels are ideal if we have planned to spend all day away from home and we only have to use the room, often impersonal, to sleep in.
The hotels offer good services in quick visits to the city which are really appreciated by most of us: room service, restaurant, daily cleaning, etc..
room service
 But the hotels do not offer services which are critical when we extend our stay.
In a hotel is difficult to be intimate. For example, we will always have to go through reception.
hotel reception madrid
Nor can enjoy plenty of space. The rooms, although usually well equipped, have only enough space to accommodate our beds and a small desk where we can hardly work, or read a book. They seldom have a comfortable sofa. If we are tired, but it is not the time to go to bed, we will have to lay ourselves on the bedside reading our book or newspaper, because there has not usually no other comfortable place to sit.
Comfort is a very subjective matter. For many it is very comfortable to call room service to bring us a sandwich or our favorite beverage. But for others it is really inconvenient to have to always eat out, not having a relaxing time enjoying tea while we choose what clothes ourselves or what we will visit today.
In hotels it is assumed that when we are away from home we will be out the whole time, and that we are not leaving our home to “stay in” in a hotel room, but yes to be working, or to be spending all day sightseeing. So the hotel rooms are not ready to be able to stay, for example, a whole afternoon there.
And, although it is essential to find a hotel that is near the area where we will have to move around, so we will avoid unnecessary trips, we will never feel that the room hotel is our own shelter: we will always feel strange in their units, and just they are designed in advance, for anyone endears their stays.
So, on these trips lightning where only need a place to relax after a busy day of work or sightseeing, no sense to seek an apartment.
In this case it is important to find a hotel that is well located, their beds are comfortable and offers a good room service. And, of course: it is clean!
hotel room madrid
To find a hotel that meets all these requirements is not difficult. There are many sites that offer hotels in central Madrid that meet all these criteria. Because this has been the traditional way to travel … when there not were temporary rental apartments in Madrid.
luxury apartment madrid
But we will talk about this in our next article. Stay tuned as we will give you all the keys to finding your perfect accommodation in Madrid … suiting your needs, preferences …. and your pocket!
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